Trump Hits Back HARD On Biden — “Stupid People”

Trump Slams Biden for Ominous Nuclear Warning

Trump Slams Biden for Ominous Nuclear Warning

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons. President Joe Biden has discussed the warnings by comparing them to the Cuban Missile Crisis on more than one occasion. Former President Donald Trump is now making it clear he doesn’t agree with the way his successor has been handling the issue.

On Sunday, October 9, Trump held a rally in Arizona and discussed the president’s remarks. The Washington Examiner reported he said in order to negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, the US government needs to “be very smart and very nimble.” He went on to say Biden is saying “the wrong thing,” and he thinks it could result in WWIII.

Trump went on to say the United States should “demand immediate negotiation of a peaceful end to the war.” He told the crowd there hasn’t ever been a war of this nature, blaming it on “stupid people that don’t have a clue” and the advanced weaponry.

The former president’s comments came after Biden spoke at a Democratic fundraiser and warned he didn’t think Putin was kidding about using nuclear weapons. He likened the current posturing to the Cuban Missile Crisis of the 1960s and compared it to Armageddon.

What do you think about the remarks from the 45th and 46th presidents?

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