Trump Is Threatening To Sue CNN — Will It Work This Time?

Trump Is Threatening To Sue CNN -- Will It Work This Time?

Trump Goes ALL IN — Destroys CNN

( – On July 21, former President Donald Trump’s legal team drafted a letter to CNN requesting the media outlet retract various articles alleging they contained false statements about him. Just six days later, the previous US leader made a post to tell the public about his intention to sue the network and any other source that made “defamatory statements.” He vowed to keep fighting for the future.

Details of the Retraction

The requests surrounded CNN’s labeling of the former president’s claims of voter fraud “baseless” during the 2020 general election when he lost to current President Joe Biden. He said CNN wouldn’t entertain the possibility that Trump was the rightful leader. The outlet simply kept printing and saying on air that the claims were lies. In fact, the network consistently referred to the allegations of fraud as “false narratives.”

The former commander-in-chief pointed to the movie “2000 Mules” as part of his adamant belief that he actually won the Oval Office two years ago. In the letter to the news source, Trump spoke of dropbox schemes in several different states that he believes show clear evidence that Biden did not legitimately win the presidency. The Associated Press questioned the film’s integrity, while previous Attorney General Bill Barr made fun of the film altogether.

The lawyer who penned the document cited polls showing many voters in the United States agree with Trump on this issue. His anger about CNN brushing off his claims and calling him a liar is possibly leading them into the courtroom.

Other Lawsuits

In 2020, the former president tried to sue The New York Times over an opinion piece it posted about the 2016 election battle which he fought and won against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The op-ed drew connections between Trump and Russia intended to derail his opponent’s campaign. The businessman turned politician said the allegations were false, and he filed suit. A judge dismissed the case in March 2021.

Trump has filed many suits following the conclusion of the 2020 general election to prove voter fraud, but none have been successful so far. That hasn’t stopped him from trying and he says he “will also be commencing actions against other media outlets who [sic] have defamed me.” Trump ended his statement saying he’ll “never stop fighting for the truth and for the future of our Country!”

Do you think Trump will file suit against CNN? More importantly, do you believe he will win?

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