Trump Just BANNED Criminals From Securing Asylum

( – When President Donald Trump took office, the US was grappling with a huge immigration problem. Caravans of illegals were flooding the country and demanding asylum. The commander-in-chief quickly implemented several changes to keep America safe, including building a wall, a zero-tolerance policy, and others.

Trump was also concerned that criminals were going to infiltrate our country because of our lax asylum policies. Recently, he implemented a rule that will make the process a whole lot safer for the country.

Trump’s Policy

In December 2019, the DOJ and DHS announced they were amending the rules for asylum eligibility. The departments proposed banning convicted criminals, including felons and gang members from seeking refuge in the US. Trump’s administration wanted to make sure the people who are seeking safety in America are deserving of consideration. It doesn’t want gang members and other criminals who will commit acts of violence or felons in the country.

Additionally, people convicted of domestic violence were on the list of people President Trump doesn’t want to grant asylum. That protects not only the significant others of those violent offenders, but also police officers. Domestic violence calls are some of the most dangerous for law enforcement.

Here are some of the other convictions that will prevent people from receiving asylum in the US:

  • Drunk driving
  • Alien harboring or smuggling
  • Fraud
  • Trafficking or possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Entering the country illegally after being deported

The Rule Change to Go Into Effect

The change to the asylum rules had to wind through bureaucratic channels before going into effect. That’s finally complete, and it is supposed to begin sometime in November.

DHS, the DOJ, and the president hope to make the country a safer place for Americans. For far too long, the government allowed it to be a refuge for criminals. Those days are gone under Trump.

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