Trump Lawyers Fear Being “Cancelled”

Trump Lawyers Fear Being

Lawyers TERRIFIED Of Representing Trump – What Gives?

( – Recent reports have indicated former President Donald Trump is having a hard time finding legal advice. A Republican lawyer told The Washington Post that the 45th POTUS keeps hearing “no.” A prominent constitutional expert is now speaking out about why he thinks it’s happening.

On August 29, Alan Dershowitz spoke to Newsmax’s Sean Spicer, who served as Trump’s first press secretary, about the recent reports of law firms blacklisting the ex-president. He said he had personally received six phone calls from attorneys who said they would not defend the former commander-in-chief because they don’t want to be “canceled.”

Dershowitz said that after he represented Trump, he lost speaking engagements and other jobs. He explained that one of the lawyers said straight up he didn’t “want to be ‘Dershowitzed.’”

The famed constitutional law expert also said law firms lose clients when they get involved in Trump cases.

It’s not just attorneys who have faced a tough time finding jobs because of partisanship. Aides who worked for the former POTUS while he was in the White House found themselves struggling to find employment after leaving. Reports indicated they were also blacklisted after serving their countries, simply because people didn’t like Trump.

What do you think about how attorneys are reportedly being treated?

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