Trump Makes Big Announcement Regarding Communications Platform

Trump Makes Big Announcement Regarding Communications Platform

( – Barack Obama may have been the first president to use a social media platform to reach his followers, but Donald Trump perfected the art. After amassing tens of millions of followers, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat permanently suspended Trump’s accounts, and Facebook officials have until November to decide whether or not to restore his account.

Fortunately, Trump supporters don’t have to wait six months to hear from their favorite president. They don’t have to wait for the winds of change to blow across Twitter and other social media platforms.

Donald Trump launched his own communication platform on Tuesday, May 4. It appears as a page on his website at and features a newsfeed similar to other social media sites. Users can like his posts or share them on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Trump’s return to a social media platform is a huge victory for conservatives after having their voices censored by sites for years. Trump supporter Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) predicts that Trump’s new platform will be “a major threat [to] Facebook and Twitter.” What do you think?

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