Trump Makes Bold Claim About Giuliani and Mike Lindell

( – Historical perspective on events oftentimes has an interesting way of reversing itself. For example, German industrialist Oskar Schindler was reviled for years as a wartime profiteer and Nazi collaborator. However, he became a hero when his efforts to save the lives of more than 1,000 Jews later came to light, as depicted in Steven Spielberg’s epic 1993 historical movie drama “Schindler’s List.”

Events surrounding the 2020 presidential election and vote tallies have woven their own kind of history in the making. Former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and close friend and supporter Mike Lindell remain deeply enmeshed in that ongoing saga.

Trump spoke out about Giuliani and Lindell’s efforts to uncover the truth about alleged voting irregularities and election fraud by state officials when he spoke at Lindell’s “MAGA Frank Rally” in Wisconsin on Saturday, June 12.

The former president talked about the great patriotism demonstrated by Giuliani and Lindell as they struggled to set the record straight on behalf of the citizens of this great country.

Trump also talked about the great sacrifices made by both men. He spoke about their demonization by the Leftists and mainstream media members (who are one and the same in many instances). He also talked about the effort to “cancel” both men through lawsuits designed to quiet their voices and reportedly partisan-based criminal investigations.

Finally, he went on to predict both men would “go down as heroes some day… in the not too distant future.”

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