Trump May Appoint Special Counsel To Probe FBI In Criminal Investigation

( – In President Donald Trump’s first post-election interview he discussed a number of issues, including the probe into the origins of the Russia investigation. For nearly two years, the American people have wanted answers about the FBI’s actions. If Trump has his way, we will get those answers.

On Sunday, November 29, Trump spoke to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo about the FBI probe. She asked the president if he plans to “appoint a special counsel” to continue US Attorney John Durham’s investigation.

Trump responded saying Russiagate should not have happened. He called it a “terrible situation” that’s being discussed across the globe. He said he is considering a “special prosecutor.”

The president wants to see the people who wasted US resources and possibly violated the law face justice. Former FBI Director Jim Comey is at the top of that list. When is he going to answer for his actions during the 2016 election?

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