Trump Moves to Protect American History

Trump Moves to Protect American History

( – Vandals across the US are targeting beautiful historic statues. It started out with agitators on the Left desecrating and tearing down Confederate effigies, then moved on to other important figures and now they’re even going after likenesses of Jesus. President Donald Trump, however, has had enough.

On June 26, the president signed an executive order (EO) to combat the recent violence and to protect memorials, statues and monuments. The commander-in-chief explained he was putting the EO in place because it’s the government’s job to “ensure domestic tranquility…” For five weeks there have been assaults on property belonging to the people and these acts were carried out by “rioters, arsonists and left-wing extremists.”

Trump’s EO directs law enforcement to prosecute vandals to the “fullest extent permitted under federal law.” Further, it will provide assistance to local governments who are protecting federal statues, monuments and other federal property. The order will also withhold grants from agencies that do nothing to uphold the law.

It’s great the president is moving to stop the desecration of important monuments. Whether or not we protect these pieces of our history shouldn’t be left to partisan activists. It’s absurd and Trump seems to agree.

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