Trump Promises Voters A Return To Normalcy As President

( – Normal is not a word likely to be associated with the events of 2020. The coronavirus impacted millions of American lives, as did its resulting job losses and economic fallout. Democratic-led cities have suffered from social and racial unrest leading to violence, rioting, and looting for months. 

President Donald Trump has been running a positive campaign, promising to restore normalcy to a frustrated nation. Trump vowed a return to “normal life” during recent speeches in Florida, telling supporters in Sanford and Ocala, “that’s all we want, a normal life.” 

As American Thinker reported on October 29, Republican president Warren Harding successfully campaigned in 1920 on a pledge to “return to normalcy” in the wake of the Spanish Flu pandemic and the economic fallout accompanying the recent end of World War II. Ronald Reagan was the president to use “make American great again” as a campaign slogan. 

Adopting these two messages of hope appears to be precisely what Americans need during these trying times. It certainly beats Democratic rival Joe Biden’s gloomy prediction of America’s looming “dark winter.”

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