Trump Receives No Credit From Dems For Coronavirus Vaccination

( – The Democratic Party has been blaming President Donald Trump for the COVID-19 deaths in America for months. It doesn’t matter what he does and how hard he works to control the pandemic, the Left is always there to dismiss his efforts. In the weeks since the vaccines were announced, that has not changed. 

No Democrat has congratulated the president or credited Operation Warp Speed for the vaccine development program’s incredible success. In fact, before Congress’ Thanksgiving Break, on November 19, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she felt “joyous” about the possibility Trump won’t be president after January 20. 

President Trump has continued his hard work despite the Left’s unyielding attacks. On November 30, the administration announced Americans could have a vaccine by Christmas. 

The attacks on the president are nothing new. Democrats were gunning for him before he was even inaugurated in 2017. But the fact that they cannot even put their feelings aside and acknowledge the incredible job he has done for the country during this terrible time says a lot. 

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