Trump Says Soliders Killed Due To Biden’s Weakness

( – Former President Donald Trump leads his sole remaining rival, Nikki Haley, by nearly 60 points in RealClearPolitics’ latest polling average, all but assuring his place as the Republican presidential nominee. Now that the race is heading toward a binary choice, the battle lines between the former president and Joe Biden are quickly being drawn. For instance, Trump recently blamed the recent death of three US soldiers on Biden’s weakness as a leader.

On January 28, the US Central Command (USCC) issued a press release announcing the death of three service members and the wounding of dozens of other American personnel during an Iranian-backed terrorist strike on an unnamed logistics support base in northeastern Jordan. Shortly afterward, Trump posted a statement on his website and his Truth Social platform, expressing his “profound sympathies” for the families of the impacted American personnel.

Referring to the attack as brazen, Trump noted that the incident was the latest example of “tragic” and “horrible” consequences of Biden’s “weakness and surrender.” He also pointed to the recent clash between Israel and Hamas and the continuing fighting between Ukraine and Russian troops as other examples of Biden’s inability to protect American interests.

Continuing, Trump explained that during his administration, Iran remained “weak, broke, and […] under control.” Trump credited his “Maximum Pressure policy” for Iran’s containment, adding that the terrorist state could scrape up enough money to finance their “terrorist proxies” under his tenure as president.

The former president stated that once Biden assumed office, he returned billions of dollars to Iran — money its ruthless regime used to “spread bloodshed and carnage throughout the Middle East.”

Trump also warned Americans that this deadly incident provided proof positive that America needed to return to his policy of “peace through strength” to put an end to the mounting “chaos,” “destruction,” and “loss of precious American lives” facilitated by Biden’s failure as president. “Our country can’t survive” with Biden serving as the nation’s leader, he concluded.

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