Trump Shatters Biden’s Campaign On TikTok In Less Than 24 Hours

( – Former President Donald Trump tried to ban TikTok when he was in the White House. He signed an executive order doing just that. Four years later, he’s joined the app in search of voters and has significantly more followers than President Joe Biden’s campaign.

Trump joined the Chinese-owned social media app on June 1. The video featured Ultimate Fighting Championship CEO Dana White, who said, “The president is now on TikTok.” The former president responded, “It’s my honor,” and a video played of him entering a UFC match with the song “American Bad Ass,” by Kid Rock played in the background.

By June 5, Trump had 5.5 million followers on the app. That far eclipses the 360,000 followers the Biden campaign has gained over several months. Both campaigns are trying to reach younger voters and other Americans through the platform.

A Trump adviser said his “campaign is playing on all fields.” They explained that using “multiple platforms and outlets is important and this is just one of many ways [they’re] going to reach out to voters.” There’s a two-to-one ratio of pro-Trump to pro-Biden content on the social media app.

Biden recently signed a measure that would ban the app if the Chinese owner, ByteDance, doesn’t sell the American arm of the platform. Trump signed an executive order similarly banning the app from US app stores. When Biden took office he reversed Trump’s ban, but four years into his administration, he signed a bipartisan bill that does exactly what his predecessor wanted to do.

Meanwhile, Trump has reversed his previous stance. He’s no longer concerned about China stealing data from Americans. He has said that if the app were to be banned, it would be good for Facebook. Trump has called the American social media platform the “enemy of the people.”

The former president has not added any other videos. President Joe Biden doesn’t have a personal TikTok account.

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