Trump Signs Critical Executive Order

Trump Signs Critical Executive Order

( – In July, President Donald Trump introduced four executive orders aimed at lowering prescription drug prices, he signed three but held one of them back. Reducing the exorbitant prices on medicine has been one of his top priorities during his time in office. Now, he’s released the fourth directive he signed that day to further his goal.

On Sunday, September 13, Trump announced his latest executive action on Twitter.

When he announced the order in July, he said he was holding off on putting it into effect until drug manufacturers came up with a plan. Their grace period ended this week. According to the order, the US pays more for prescription medication than any other country. The president said it’s “unacceptable that Americans pay more” for the drugs.

To remedy this, the commander-in-chief is requiring Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar to test a new payment model for Medicare Part B and Part D that will make sure the US isn’t paying more than the lowest price others do.

Millions of Americans struggle to pay for their prescription drugs every month. In some cases, the inability to pay has led to death. President Trump is trying to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore and citizens get the medication they need to live long, prosperous lives.

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