Trump Slams Dems After Police Resignations

Trump Slams Dems After Police Resignations

( – On September 8, Rochester, NY Police Chief La’Ron Singletary, announced his resignation. Commander Fabian Rivera and Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito also announced their retirements. The chief said he was leaving the department after recent events “attempt to destroy” his integrity and character. President Donald Trump lashed out at Democrats in response to the resignations.

The president promised to fix the problems Democratic leaders have caused in NY if he’s reelected in November.

Trump has been pushing Democratic leaders to restore order in their cities and states for months. They’ve not done so. In fact, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo even made threatening statements recently when the president made it clear he’d defund cities that refused to stop rioting, saying the commander-in-chief would need an army to walk the streets of NYC.

On November 3, Americans will get to decide if they want Trump to continue his campaign to restore law and order in the US.

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