Trump Speaks More for Voters Than Biden, According to New Poll

Trump Speaks More for Voters Than Biden, According to New Poll

( – Former President Donald Trump is one of the most popular Republicans in history. He received more votes than any other sitting president. Voters still feel as though he speaks for them even after leaving office — more so than the current Commander-in-Chief.

On December 21, Rasmussen released a poll highlighting Trump’s popularity nearly a year after leaving office. Of the respondents, 44% said they believe the 45th president best represents them. Only 31% feel President Joe Biden speaks for them.

Not only do voters believe Trump speaks for them more than Biden, but they also have more trust in him than they do some of the most powerful people in Congress. Only 8% of respondents said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) represents their views. The responses mirror what the former president has been saying about the GOP leader since he left office.

Trump believes both McConnell and Biden should be ousted from their leadership positions. He has said the President is destroying the country with his lax immigration practices, desire to raise taxes and other left-leaning policies. Meanwhile, the 45th POTUS has said McConnell is giving Democrats everything they want instead of leveraging the GOP’s power to stop the Left’s damaging agenda. If the latest poll is any indication, it seems voters feel the same way.

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