Trump Suing Pulitzer Prize Board for Misreporting on ‘Russiagate’

Trump Suing Pulitzer Prize Board for Misreporting on 'Russiagate'

( – On November 3, Special Counsel John Durham announced a federal grand jury out of the US District Court of Eastern Virginia returned an indictment against Igor Danchenko for making false statements to the FBI relating to the widely debunked Steele dossier. A lawyer representing former President Donald Trump quickly followed up by sending a demand letter to the Pulitzer Prize Board threatening to sue them if they didn’t remedy earlier awards presented to media outlets for coverage of the so-called Russia scandal.

On November 15, Trump attorney Alina Habba sent the letter to Bud Kliment, the Pulitzer Prize’s interim administrator. She demanded the board revoke Pulitzer Prizes granted to The Washington Post and The New York Times for a series of articles they published in 2017 detailing the alleged Russiagate scandal. The letter also advised the former president intended to sue the board if they failed to take back the awards in a timely fashion.

As Habba explained in the letter, Durham’s indictment alleged former Clinton operative Charles Dolan provided portions of the dossier previously attributed to Belarusian-American businessman Sergei Millian. The Washington Post already attempted to white-wash their coverage by altering their articles from the period in question and adding editor’s notes explaining the errors in their reporting.

It remains unclear what, if anything, the Pulitzer Prize Board intends to do about the letter. However, there is a precedent for them rescinding consideration for previous awards.

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