Trump Supporter Forced to Pay Massive Fine Over Flag Saying ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

Trump Supporter Forced to Pay Massive Fine Over Flag Saying 'Let's Go Brandon'

( – The Founders enshrined the right to free speech in the Bill of Rights. However, a Florida Trump supporter recently discovered that freedom might have limitations. At least, that’s what local officials are asserting.

On Monday, November 1, local CBS-affiliated television station WBTV reported on the mounting controversy. Seagrove Beach resident Marvin Peavy recently displayed two banners stating “Let’s Go Brandon” and “Trump Won” outside his multi-story home. The first refers to a coded expletive targeting President Biden; the other references the highly disputed 2020 presidential election.

The banners span nearly three stories from top to bottom, sparking the notice of local country code enforcement officials. In October, a local compliance magistrate ruled the banners violated the county’s land development code and ordered Peavy a $50 fine for each day he flies the banners.

Peavy says he’s availing himself of his right to free speech. According to him, it’s important his community knows he’s a Republican and supports former President Donald Trump. Bill Fletcher, the local Republican executive committee head, said he concurs, adding, “people admire” Peavy’s effort to stand up for his constitutionally protected right to express his opinion.

What do you think? Should the signs be allowed to stay? Before you answer, ask yourself an additional question: Could you live with neighbors flying flags supporting efforts to “Defund the Police” or restrict private gun ownership?

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