Trump Supporters Show Support for Blue Lives

Trump Supporters Show Support for Blue Lives

( – Attendees of President Trump’s Michigan campaign rally reached out to state police officers in an emotional display of support for Blue Lives.

Racial and political unrest has plagued the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd while in police custody in Minneapolis in May. Democratic-led cities have echoed with calls for the defunding of police departments, typically led by Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.

At the same time, President Trump has called for support for all lives and restoration of law and order in the country, and as the video below shows, Michigan Trump supporters feel the same was as the president about the police.

Local NBC and Fox anchor Dave Bondy posted the footage showing a line of Trump supporters fist-bumping Michigan State Police officers on September 10.

The president showed his support for the police during his speech as well, vowing to hire more police officers and to increase the penalties for anyone assaulting a member of law enforcement.

The Police Officers Association of Michigan officially endorsed the president in late July, stating that Trump “supports the police,” while the Obama administration preferred to “insult them” or prosecute them “without due process.”

There’s no doubt Donald Trump is the “Law and Order President” with his record of supporter police officers. It’s refreshing to see his supporters showing their appreciation for law enforcement during these trying times. Blue Lives, like All Lives, Matter!

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