Trump Takes Biden To the Woodshed on Issues – President Donald Trump scored multiple knockout blows on Democratic rival Joe Biden during the campaign’s final presidential debate hosted by NBC News on October 23. Biden appeared particularly vulnerable to Trump’s persistent attack on his long-standing record of failure, taking hits across the board on all the issues.

Longtime conservative television host Trish Regan summarized the night, praising the president’s solid performance and the sad reality that Biden performed like a “typical politician.”

President Trump pummeled Biden on the issue of fracking. Questioned on the subject, Biden claimed he never proposed banning the practice, later reversing himself admitting he proposed banning fracking on federal land. His remarks on fracking ended up being so sketchy even CNN called him out on his false claims.

Notably, Biden challenged Trump to prove him wrong using his website — and that’s precisely what the president did, not only fact-checking Biden on that issue but on a host of others to include the coronavirus response, healthcare, the economy, and many other issues.

With less than two weeks until the presidential election, President Trump needed a good night during the debate. Not only did he have a good night, he had a great night, and Biden had a horrid one judging from the detailed fact-checks listed on the president’s website.

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