Trump Tells HIS Side – Kanye’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

Trump Tells His Side of the Kanye West Story

Trump Tells His Side of the Kanye West Story

( – Former President Donald Trump recently made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. This time people were up in arms over who he hosted for dinner. Now, the ex-POTUS is speaking out and telling his side of the story.

On November 22, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) went to Trump’s Florida estate for dinner. However, it was the rapper’s guest, Nick Fuentes, who stirred up controversy. He’s an infamously known racist who often makes disparaging remarks about Jewish people.

In a post on Truth Social a few days later, Trump explained he originally invited Ye to give him some advice because the rapper has always been kind to him. However, he arrived with three other uninvited guests, rather than alone. The former president said he didn’t know the names of the other guests and accused the “fake news” of going “CRAZY.”

In another post, Newsmax reported the former POTUS described the dinner with Ye as “quick and uneventful.”

The outlet revealed Ye also posted about the dinner and said he asked Trump to be his running mate in 2024. The former president had previously announced he was running for president on his own. The 45th POTUS said he told the rapper that he should not be running for office because it would be “a total waste of time.”

Do you think Trump should issue an apology for eating dinner with Ye and Fuentes, knowing the controversies associated with both of them?

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