Trump Tweets Video Of Chinese Professor Saying Beijing Can Swing U.S. Policy

( – Democrats have spent the last four+ years pushing the theory that Russia posed the greatest threat to American stability. Of course, those claims were part of an elaborate witch hunt intended to derail Donald Trump’s presidency. Besides, Russia never had the finances or military might to control the United States.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared a video clip of Di Dongsheng, an academic at Beijing’s Renmin University, during the December 7 airing of his show. You can watch it in President Donald Trump’s retweet below.

Dongsheng explained China’s efforts to influence American policy for decades using a network of special undercover operators working for American financial institutions and senior-level government jobs.

Continuing, Dongsheng stated that everything changed once Donald Trump assumed office as President. “Old friends” of China were once able to control government policy through their Wall Street connections. However, President Trump’s trade war with China disrupted those operations.

Of additional concern are Chinese efforts to influence Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s incoming administration if he wins the election. Director of National Intelligence counter-intelligence head William Evanina raised that issue while talking to the Aspen Institute on December 2.

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