Trump Wants US Out of Treaty

Trump Wants US Out of Treaty

( – Russia and the US have a very shaky history. The former Soviet nation has a bad habit of not living up to agreements and treaties it signs. For example, they decided to ignore certain Cold War-era missile treaties for many years, which damaged its relations with America.

Now, Russia’s done it again with another agreement, the Open Skies Treaty. This three-decade-old agreement allows countries to perform recon flights to avoid an accidental war. President Donald Trump says he wants the US out of the treaty, though he left a potential return to it or the formation of a new one on the table.

Why Leave?

Simply put, Trump and other officials don’t see a reason for the US to stay in a treaty formed at the end of the Cold War, especially if Russia isn’t playing ball. Though, the idea was initially proposed by Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1955, it took several decades to come to fruition. President George Bush Sr. enacted the Open Skies Treaty in 1992. A total of 34 countries have joined the treaty, allowing members to conduct reconnaissance flights over each others’ countries to collect military data.

However, back in March, Russia denied the US’ attempts at recon flights over Georgia’s southern border and the exclave of Kaliningrad, located in the Baltic Sea. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the Russian government has been “cheating for many years.” As such, Trump isn’t willing to continue committing to a treaty another world superpower doesn’t feel like abiding by.

What Went Wrong?

While the Open Skies agreement may have been forged with good intentions, it merely became another tool for Russia to exploit us. Many of these Cold War measures have failed. It’s partially because the former Soviet country has violated many of the treaties in an opportunistic way and partially because the mechanisms of the agreements became outdated and difficult to adhere to.

This isn’t the first treaty the president has backed out of when Russia didn’t want to cooperate. As mentioned above, a significant missile agreement, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty), barred the manufacture of specific long-range missiles. The nation had been producing the projectiles for years, though not deploying them, so Trump backed out.

At the end of the day, President Trump is looking out for America’s interests. How can the US continue to remain safe if it’s adhering to archaic agreements that either no longer function or have major parties failing to fulfill their promises? The time for exploitation and over-reliance on other countries is coming to an end under Trump’s watch.

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