Trump Was Right – New Findings Expose Fox News

Donald Trump

( – Fox News declared Joe Biden the victor in Arizona the night of the 2020 presidential election, hours before any other network and weeks before the last of the legacy news organizations. Yet, questions still surround Arizona’s election and cybersecurity consulting firm Cyber Ninjas has yet to complete its audit of Maricopa County’s election.

Cyber Ninjas officials met with Arizona state senators on July 15 and discussed several outstanding issues. For instance, they pointed to potential problems with the printed alignment between some ballots’ front and back sides. They also talked about ongoing concerns regarding mail-in ballot envelopes, internet routers, the county’s voter registration database and a host of other outstanding issues.

The following day, former President Donald Trump issued a statement on the website for his Save America PAC. He pointed out that Fox prematurely called Arizona’s election for Biden and continues to side with Maricopa County election officials despite overwhelming evidence of election fraud.

Trump pointed out that evidence discussed during Arizona’s Senate hearing showed:

  • 168,000 ballots were printed using “illegal paper”
  • Maricopa election officials received “74,000 mail-in ballots that were never sent out to voters
  • 11,000 voters were added to voter rolls after the election
  • Election servers were hacked
  • Access logs for voting machines were erased.

Trump concluded his remarks by thanking Arizona state senators for having the determination to “fight for the truth.” As it currently stands, voting irregularities and outright fraud are widespread enough in Maricopa Country to have “change[d] the outcome of the election.”

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