Trump’s Top Accomplishments in His First Term

( – With the ending of President Donald Trump’s first term in office rapidly approaching, now is a time for reflecting on his administration’s many accomplishments. His no-holds-barred approach to governing inspired a new way of thinking in Washington, DC, particularly in the wake of the eight-year reign of Barack Obama and his sidekick Joe Biden.

The scope of President Trump’s victories is mind-numbing when viewed as a whole and would fill volumes if one were to put ink to paper.

His administration oversaw the destruction of Obamacare’s individual mandate and has a pleading pending before the Supreme Court to strike the final blow to that failed piece of legislation.

The Trump administration oversaw the largest tax cut package in American history his first year in office, stimulating the economy to the tune of $300 billion in the process. His policies also led to historic unemployment numbers in many categories.

He placed a massive number of conservative judges on the bench in a move that will impact American jurisprudence for decades. Likewise, he appointed three justices to the Supreme Court, skewing the balance of power with a six to three conservatives majority.

However, of all his accomplishments, the success of Operation Warp Speed and the approval of two emergency use authorizations for vaccines in a matter of months will likely be the crowning accomplishment of President Trump’s first term in office when the history books of this era are written.

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