Trump’s Unnoticed Turning Point

( – Former President Donald Trump made it clear from the moment he lost the 2020 election that his career in politics was not over. On his way out of Washington, DC, on January 20, 2021, he told his supporters he would “be back in some form.” A recent op-ed claims the inflection point for the 45th POTUS happened after the East Palestine, Ohio, train wreck.

In February 2023, Trump visited East Palestine less than three weeks after a train derailment caused toxic fumes to billow into the air, chemicals to pour into the ground, and a terrified town to evacuate. According to the conservative website Hot Air, that visit to the town was an inflection point for his campaign. He arrived in the town before any of President Joe Biden’s top officials. In fact, the current POTUS didn’t visit at all in the days, weeks, and months after.

The op-ed states that people lined the streets waiting for Trump to arrive. When he finally got to the town, he rolled up his pants, tucked them into boots, and walked around the town. His visit came at a time when he wasn’t doing really well in the polls, and members of the GOP were mad at him over the brutal midterm losses. The visit to East Palestine revitalized his campaign and reminded people why they loved him so much.

The op-ed writer, Salena Zito, said that she was there the day Trump visited, and she wrote down that if he was “able to resurrect the magic of 2016 […] it started [there], the day he showed up when Biden refused.”

Fast forward a year, President Biden recently accepted an invitation extended to him by the mayor of East Palestine to visit the town. Republican Mayor Trent Conaway made it clear that he doesn’t support the president but believes inviting the POTUS there would be good for his community, so that’s why he did it.

The current president is expected to visit sometime in February.

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