Tucker Carlson Attacks U.S. Senate For Sending Jobs Overseas

(ReliableNews.org) – Immigration is always a hot topic despite the potential negative implications in terms of employment, crime, and population management. Liberals have increasingly favored “open-border” policies in recent years. Most of today’s Democrat representatives favor moves that facilitate easier access for immigrants.

Mike Lee’s Green Cards

However, these ideas don’t always come from the left. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) recently introduced a bill that sought to remove the “per country” limitations on H-1B employment visas for foreign nationals coming into the US. These limitations had resulted in huge backlogs in applications from some countries, particularly India.

The bill enjoyed unanimous support when it went to the Senate late on Wednesday, December 2.

Tucker Carlson’s View

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson made his opinion known on his Fox News show. He was characteristically blunt, slamming Mike Lee’s bill and strongly criticizing the Senate Republicans who allowed it to pass.

Carlson made reference to the 18 million Americans currently out of work. He also stated this bill would allow India to claim a monopoly on employment-based green cards for up to ten years. He also expressed concern that tech companies would have too much room to exert their influence under the new framework.

He pointed out that Facebook (who lobbied in favor of this legislation) is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for discriminatory hiring practices. The DOJ lawsuit alleges Facebook unfairly overlooked American workers in favor of foreign nationals.

Who Got It Right?

Immigration is undoubtedly a tricky business. This story is different from the usual debates we see around immigration policy, in that it involves legal, rather than illegal, immigration. It’s also focused on high-skilled migrants, rather than those seeking low-paid work. There is, therefore, something to be said for Lee’s bill.

However, Tucker Carlson also has a good point. We need to focus on re-employing the millions of Americans currently out of work, rather than allowing corporations to pack foreign nationals into high-paying jobs as they see fit.

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