Tucker Carlson Exposes False Biden Claim

(ReliableNews.org) – In the days following the Colorado and Georgia mass shootings that left 18 people dead, President Joe Biden asked lawmakers to pass a ban on “assault” weapons. Republicans are vehemently against that type of ban and recently Fox News host Tucker Carlson laid into the new president over the proposal.

On March 26, Carlson discussed Biden’s support of gun control, including filing a brief to the Supreme Court in favor of the police confiscating guns in the Canaglia v Strom case. After discussing the case, the Fox host then launched into an explanation of the gun ban the president wants. He explained the Left can’t even explain what an “assault weapon is” and not many people are killed by that type of firearm anyway.

Carlson is correct. Democrats usually call rifles “assault” weapons because they are semi-automatic (so are many handguns). Also, data proves handguns are what mass shooters most commonly use, so the ban would accomplish nothing. The Biden administration wants to infringe on Americans’ rights based on false information.

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