Twitter CEO Stepping Down From Role

Twitter CEO Stepping Down From Role

( – Social media outlets have found themselves under fire regarding the rise of new policies aimed at combating misinformation in the wake of the 2020 U.S. general elections and the January 6 riot at the nation’s capitol. Twitter took the radical position of permanently suspending then-President Donald Trump’s account two days later. It appears the long-term blowback from Twitter’s unrelenting policies and procedures may have claimed its first casualty at the corporate level — former CEO Jack Dorsey.

On November 29, Dorsey announced his departure from Twitter as CEO — “starting today.” As one might expect, he announced his decision to step down by posting a copy of his letter to his “team” on his Twitter page.

Dorsey discussed three reasons he believed “now is the right time” to hand over control of Twitter to a new CEO.

  1. The proven track record of his successor, Parag Agrawal, a distinguished software engineer who worked his way up the ranks to become Twitter’s chief science technology officer four years ago.
  2. Bret Taylor’s appointment to head up Twitter’s board of directors. Taylor served as the chief technical officer for Facebook for several years and joined Twitter’s board of directors in 2016. Dorsey praised Taylor’s skill set as an entrepreneur, engineer and risk-taker.
  3. “The third [reason] is all of you,” he stated, referring to his team. Dorsey praised the “ambition and potential” of his Twitter employees. He also highlighted their “potential” to alter Twitter’s current course “for the better.”

With any luck, Dorsey’s assessment hits the mark, and the company ends its longstanding practice of throttling conservative voices — and Twitter promptly reinstates Donald Trump’s account.

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