U.S. Pentagon Reinstates Official Who Compared Donald Trump to Hitler

(ReliableNews.org) – The Holocaust was an absolutely horrific event in history. The Hitler regime killed millions of people based on antisemitism and bigotry. So, when a Pentagon official compared former President Donald Trump to Hitler, the comments drew outrage. Now that official is moving forward in his job like nothing happened.

In March, Richard Torres-Estrada, a Special Operations Command (SOCOM) official came under fire after the media uncovered inflammatory social media posts. One of them compared the former president to Hitler. On Thursday, June 17, Kevin McGraw, a spokesperson for SOCOM said he has “resumed the duties of the Chief of Diversity & Inclusion” for the agency. After an investigation, they determined there were no “violations of law or DoD regulation.”

McGraw said that although the posts were in poor taste, it isn’t going to prevent him from carrying out the duties of his position. So, President Joe Biden’s Pentagon is okay with the guy who is heading up the department that focuses on diversity and inclusion comparing the former POTUS to a man who murdered millions of Jewish people and other minorities. It seems as though that would completely disqualify him, but here we are. Let’s hope he doesn’t get upset and make any more offensive remarks while serving the country.

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