UK Has Plan For Dissidents

UK Has Plan For Dissidents

( – Once upon a time, President Donald Trump was laughed at when he said China was one of the biggest threats to the security of the United States. He saw what the rest of the world was slow to realize. Now, the United Kingdom has awoken and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is taking action after the communist government imposed a security law on Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Security Law

China introduced a security law that allows police from the mainland to operate in Hong Kong with impunity. This is the first time the Communist government has had so much power in Hong Kong and people are scared.

Under the law, legal experts say new crimes are being introduced and some of them will have life sentences. There’s concern the central government in Beijing is going to severely limit speech in Hong Kong to force it to become more like the mainland.

UK Retaliation

On July 1, Johnson said 3 million Hong Kong citizens will be allowed to move to the UK. The decision came after China ignored the international community and went ahead with the law. According to the prime minister, the security law breaches the 1984 Sino-British Joint Declaration.

Under Johnson’s plan, the UK will allow all eligible Hong Kong residents to apply for a British national overseas passport for themselves and their families. After 5 years, they can apply for settled states and then full citizenship.

US Makes Moves

In the US, lawmakers are also looking to retaliate against the law. On Thursday, the Senate passed a bill that’ll sanction Chinese officials seeking to limit Hong Kong’s autonomy. Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) said the legislation “makes it clear which side we’re on.”

The bill is headed to President Trump’s desk.

China’s decision to impose the law on Hong Kong is an unprecedented power grab and the international community is clearly very angry. When you add it to all of the other actions the communists have taken recently, it’s clear something’s gotta give soon.

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