Ukraine Strikes Russian HQ — Kills Hundreds

Putin’s Military Wiped Out – HUNDREDS Of Troops Killed!

( – The Russian war has entered its sixth month and it doesn’t seem to be slowing. Recently, the Ukrainian military launched an offensive in the eastern part of the country, targeting enemy forces. Reports indicate it was incredibly bloody for the invading military.

On August 26, Serhiy Haidai, the governor of Luhansk, posted a message on Telegram revealing the Ukrainian military attacked one of the enemy’s bases in the city of Kadiivka. The installation was located in a hotel and allegedly housed airborne troops. Reports indicate as many as 200 of their elite Russian fighters were killed in the attack.

In 2014, when Putin annexed Crimea, the forces also tried to take Donetsk and Luhansk. Since then, Ukrainian forces have been at war in the region, refusing to allow the invaders to take more of Ukraine. During the most recent conflict, Russia was able to take control of the region, but Ukraine has made it clear it doesn’t intend to give up the fight. Haidai claimed the enemy has been using the now-destroyed base since 2014.

The latest loss adds to the mounting casualties on the Russian side. According to the Pentagon in early August, America believes Putin may have lost as many as 80,000 troops to injury or death during the war. In response to its growing losses, leaders are reportedly asking prisoners to join their fight.

The news comes as President Joe Biden has pledged to send even more aid to the nation to help fight off Putin.

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