UK’s Volunteer Fight Against COVID

UK's Volunteer Fight Against COVID

( – Of all the places in the world that were hit by COVID-19, the United Kingdom has had some substantial advantages. The island country was able to easily close its borders and more effectively implement lockdown policies. However, the country has much more than geography going for it.

The UK is home to a robust volunteer force that’s really stepping up to address the pandemic.

Volunteers Sign Up En Masse

The British government originally called for 250,000 individuals to help the National Health Service (NHS) take care of 1.5 million of the country’s most vulnerable citizens. Their tasks include helping to take care of people with underlying health conditions by delivering supplies and medicines, driving patients to appointments, calling to check in on people self-quarantining, and much more. Instead of the 250,000 requested by the government, 750,000 met the call.

Britain hasn’t seen volunteer numbers like this since World War II. Some have already received assignments, but many more are still waiting. That’s because of so many people willing to help that organizers are still figuring out how to deploy all of them.

Organizers are using an app called GoodSam to connect volunteers with tasks to complete.

Maybe TOO Many Signed Up…

Some of the good samaritans who are waiting around for tasks are getting antsy and even annoyed. However, vetting volunteers, keeping them safe and balancing supply and demand with 750,000 to account for is an incredible undertaking. Still, it’s surely better to have too much help than too little.

Aside from the organized volunteer system, UK citizens and companies are taking part in their own informal helpful activities. WhatsApp groups are forming in neighborhoods and charity work is happening all over the British isles. People are using Rolls-Royce limousines for essential deliveries. London museums are donating masks and gloves they typically use to handle art pieces to health care workers.

People in the UK want to help a great deal and it’s really showing. The country could definitely handle the logistics of the NHS volunteers better, but it’s still admirable the way citizens are taking care of each other with or without assigned tasks. If this keeps up, the nation might recover soon and avoid the need for an extended lockdown after April 16.

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