University Accused Of Political Bias Following Hunter Biden News

( – The many scandals involving Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, are well-known. He’s the subject of multiple federal investigations, and his history of drug and alcohol use is documented in his recently published memoirs. Tulane University recently hired him as an expert speaker on “media polarization” despite his dark past and uncertain future.

Tulane’s is known as a liberal institution and its decision to hire the younger Biden sparked outrage among conservatives. Not only is Biden’s history questionable, so is Tulane’s reputation for exhibiting bias towards conservative voices.

Ben Storch, was the former treasurer of a campus Republican group called Turning Point USA from 2014 to 2018. During an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, April 28, he discussed his organization’s problems and related that the university’s “environment was unsafe” for conservatives.

He and other members of Turning Point would wear MAGA hats at the campus dining room, and the staff refused to serve them. The situation worsened, and eventually, one of the group’s leaders had his dorm room door set on fire. Police arrested two other students for aggravated arson. Yet, school officials continue to deny the incident was politically motivated.

The Tulane group eventually disbanded in 2019. One would hope that a highly-esteemed education institution like Tulane could keep out of politics. But, it appears they are pandering to the current administration by hiring the president’s son.

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