University Document From 2019 Predicted 2020 Election In Accurate Detail

( – While most of America anxiously awaits the 2020 presidential election results, it won’t come as a surprise to law professor Edward Foley who heads up Ohio State University’s election law program. Incredibly, he published an article for Loyola University’s Winter 2019 Law Journal that predicted the 2020 presidential election’s outcome with surprising accuracy.

Foley originated the term “blue shift” in 2012 after researching 52 years of election results, starting with the 1960 election. Foley discovered that although early vote counts favored Republicans, elections consistently shifted in favor of Democrats once mail-in votes casted provisionally were counted beginning in 2004.

Eerily, his 2019 article considered the possibility of a disputed presidential election in 2020. His paper discussed a possible scenario where President Donald Trump led early on in Pennsylvania. However, once the “blue shift” kicked in and the vote count started favoring Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the president launched a series of tweets claiming Democrats stole the election from him.

“Stop this theft right now,” the president tweeted in one imagined post. We’re “taking back our victory,” he proclaimed in another.

The Electoral College won’t determine the outcome of the election until it meets on December 14. In the meantime, the Trump campaign has lawsuits pending in Pennsylvania and other battleground states. It looks like Foley called this one perfectly over a year before the election.

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