US Concerned With Rising Military Activity Near Taiwan

U.S. Concerned With Rising Military Activity Near Taiwan

( – Since Taiwan gained its independence from Japan in 1952, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) vowed to claim the island as its own. So, it comes as no surprise the communist country would flex its muscle against the island. On October 3, Taiwan asserted the PRC had flown as many as 93 military planes into its air defense zone since September 30, raising concerns in the United States about stability in the region.

Although Beijing isn’t technically flying in Taiwan’s airspace, it’s still close enough to be an aggressive act that could end the tenuous peace the countries currently enjoy. This incident is not the first time China has tried to intimidate Taiwan with its military assets.

The US State Department is especially concerned about its American ally, considering some of the Chinese military planes were H-6 bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons. One slip-up or miscalculation could mean devastation for the people who live in that area of the world.

In a press statement released October 3, the United States urged Beijing to stop intimidating Taiwan with its military presence and economic pressure. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said America has “an abiding interest in peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

Not only does the United States stand firm with Taiwan, but the other countries in the Group of Seven are also committed to preserving peace in East Asia. China’s continued aggression could damage its relations with the US.

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