US Diplomat Discovered Dead in Kyiv Hotel

( – When someone has a job where they travel frequently there’s a possibility that they could die somewhere other than their home. That’s what happened to a US Embassy staffer in Ukraine.

In June, authorities found the body of an unnamed embassy attaché Kyiv’s Hilton Hotel. One source said that the official’s body was found in his room and there wasn’t any sign of violence. Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the US State Department, confirmed the death of the US official. He said the deceased individual was “under chief of mission authority” at the embassy in Kyiv.

Miller made it clear that the individual did not die under suspicious circumstances. He said he wanted to let the press know there was “no sign of foul play” and “he died of natural causes.”

The individual in Ukraine isn’t the only official to die in another country recently. 54-year-old Alexander Ahmed and 54-year-old Jaime Eduardo Cisneros traveled to Colombia together in May. While they were there, Cisneros was found dead in his hotel room in Medellin. He’d reportedly met with a prostitute before he died but had allegedly said goodbye to her before returning to his room.

US officials were in the Colombian city to investigate the Border Patrol agent’s death. They reportedly found his phone and other valuables missing. His suitcase was allegedly in “total disarray” and his wallet was emptied.

Ahmed returned home to Texas after his friend died. He then killed himself before the FBI had an opportunity to interview him about Cisneros’ death. The two men worked with one another at the Clint station, which is part of the El Paso Sector. The area is one of the busiest on the US-Mexico Border.

The State Department coordinates the return of Americans who have died overseas. The department has not released any more information about the official’s death in Ukraine or Cisneros’ death in Colombia.

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