US Investigators Allegedly Track Down Source of Drone Attack

US Investigators Track Down Source of Drone Attack

( – In early May, the Kremlin announced the military shot down two drones within its borders. There was speculation at the time about whether or not the reports were accurate or if it was a Russian false flag operation. However, US intelligence is now reportedly confirming the attack took place, and they believe they know who sent the weapons.

On May 24, reports revealed US intelligence finished their preliminary assessment of the drone attack. Officials allegedly believe Ukraine’s intelligence units or special military orchestrated the failed strike. It’s unclear exactly which unit carried the operation out or whether Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy knew about it.

Former CIA Director John Brennan told MSNBC that he believes the reports but thinks it’s more likely that the perpetrators are forces “aligned” with the Ukrainian military, not actually a formal unit. He also said the attack showed Russia’s defenses are penetrable.

The drone attack was reportedly considered the most severe breach of Russian airspace in almost 30 years. The last time anyone was able to fly into the nation without permission was in 1987 when Matthias Rust, a German teen, landed his single-engine plane near the Red Square.

The incident allegedly made some officials in the US uneasy. America is the Ukrainian military’s biggest supplier, but there’s a concern that Russia will blame the US for attacks within its border. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime has already accused President Joe Biden of launching a proxy war against his country.

Intelligence agencies haven’t been able to find the responsible party in Ukraine because of how the country has organized its forces. The agencies often have overlapping and competing responsibilities. Each has its own oversight, and the government hasn’t revealed whether they coordinate with one another. The tangled web has made it hard for the US to figure out exactly what’s happening. Zelenskyy has denied responsibility for the attack.

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