US Prepared To Make Exchange Offer With Russia

US Prepared To Make Exchange Offer With Russia

US Strikes a Deal With Russia — Guess What For?

( – Authorities in Russia arrested basketball star Brittney Griner in February after she entered the country with vape cartridges that contained cannabis oil. She pleaded guilty to charges in July and faces up to 10 years in prison. However, the US government is now trying to negotiate a deal for her release.

On Wednesday, July 27, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced he made an offer to Russia to get both Griner and another American, Paul Whelan, back onto US soil. It was the first time President Joe Biden’s administration has publicly discussed plans to try to get the WNBA star back home. The Cabinet member did not mention what he was going to offer the adversarial government, but sources told reporters it could involve an exchange for convicted arms dealer Viktor Bout.

Whelan has been serving a 16-year prison sentence in the country. Authorities arrested him in December 2018 for espionage. Moscow alleged he had a computer flash drive that contained classified information. The American pleaded not guilty, saying he believed the device had holiday photos on it and thinks he was set up by an acquaintance.

Blinken did not mention whether Russia was open to a prisoner swap or when it might take place. Do you think the US should hand over the arms dealer for the two Americans?

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