US Quarter Could Be Worth a Small Fortune

US Quarter Could Be Worth a Small Fortune

( – In 1999, the US Mint began producing state-themed quarters. The coins were a hit with collectors. The quarters that paid homage to one of the states had a printing error and are reportedly worth thousands of dollars.

Wisconsin state quarters that were part of the 50 State Quarters Program featured a sliced wheel of cheese (of course), a cow, an ear of corn, and the state motto “Forward.” Some of the coins printed in 2004, however, have a design flaw that could make them worth up to $2,000 or more. The coins have an extra leaf on the corn husk.

People who have Wisconsin quarters can check for the flaw by looking for one of the two variations of it on the left side of the husk. There is an “up leaf” version that looks like a line connecting to the first leaf that makes it look like there are two. The other is the “down leaf” version, where an extra leaf is horizontally outward.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, the error was caused by a lunch break at Denver Mint. The operator of the machine stopped it so he could eat his lunch (probably something with cheese), and when he came back, it was running again. By the time he realized an error occurred, the flawed coins were mixed with the others and would’ve been extremely challenging to locate.

The Wisconsin quarter isn’t the only one that’s flawed. Rob Paulsen Coin revealed several of the state-themed quarters are now much more valuable because of errors. The 2005 Minnesota quarter has a doubled die error that caused some of the trees in the background to duplicate in different parts. Some of those have sold for $500.

Some versions of the 1999 Delaware quarter feature a horse that looks like it’s spitting. They also sell for up to $500. The 2000 Maryland quarter could contain a wrong strike error that makes it worth more than $6,000. The coin features flaws like George Washington’s head being off center and imperfections in the words that make them look as though they are bursting out.

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