US Sending Aid to Afghanistan, Taliban

US Sending Aid to Afghanistan, Taliban

( – The US finally left Afghanistan one minute before midnight local time on August 30. The withdrawal concluded Operation Enduring Freedom, America’s longest war in the Middle East. Unfortunately, the suffering has not ceased for the people left behind, prompting President Joe Biden’s administration to consider sending humanitarian aid to the country once more.

The Associated Press reported the Taliban claimed the Biden administration would provide humanitarian aid to the Afghan people. The extremist group, which now leads the country, says its economy is ready to collapse, and the people need help. However, the Taliban claims the US still refuses to recognize its newly formed government.

The Taliban’s announcement came shortly after concluding talks with the US for the first time since the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Although the Taliban seems certain it will be receiving aid, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price only said the two sides discussed the possibility of “robust humanitarian assistance, directly to the Afghan people.”

It’s unclear exactly how the US government would provide aid to the people without going through the Taliban. Questions remain about whether the new government would actually distribute humanitarian aid should the assistance goes through it.

Meanwhile, the Taliban still refuses to work with the US to combat terrorists within the country, like ISIS-K, the group that killed 13 American service members in August.

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