US Takes Action Against China

US Takes Action Against China

( – The relationship between the US and China is strained, to put it mildly. President Donald Trump’s administration has levied a number of sanctions against the Communist country’s citizens. And, on September 9, officials took it a step further.

On Wednesday, the State Department announced the government canceled visas for 1,000 Chinese citizens. Earlier that day, acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said researchers and students with ties to the Communist government’s military were going to have their visas revoked in order to prevent the theft of American research and intellectual property.

A State Department spokeswoman said the individuals are all “high-risk graduate students and research scholars” and they’re only a small number of Chinese citizens who are in the US studying.

The announcement comes after a 34-year-old Chinese citizen was arrested after trying to board a plane with bio-inspired research software code he’d stolen while at the University of Virginia. The hope is that the Trump Administration will be able to stop similar crimes.

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