US Troops Attacked Following Biden’s Latest Action

( – United States military forces launched precision airstrikes against facilities operated by Iranian-backed militia groups at the direction of President Joe Biden on June 27. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said those targets were selected to deter future attacks on US personnel and facilities located in Iraq. However, it appears those strikes had the opposite effect.

Syria retaliated swiftly by firing multiple rockets at a US military installation in northern Syria less than 24-hours later. Col. Wayne Marotto, a spokesperson for the US-led coalition forces, confirmed the attack and said American forces returned fire with artillery rounds. According to him, there were no injuries to US forces.

Biden weighed in on the attack later that day, claiming that the US Constitution granted him the power to take whatever action he deemed necessary to defend US military personnel.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed that position. According to him, Biden is “fully prepared to act appropriately and deliberately” if American forces in the region continue being targeted by Iranian-backed militia.

While US personnel didn’t sustain any injuries, the situation demonstrates that Biden is playing with fire. Could this situation be a sign of future aggression against US forces leading to the entanglement of a war under a Biden presidency?

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