Uvalde Police Chief Steps Down Amid Troubles

(ReliableNews.org) – On March 7, the Uvalde City Council released a report regarding the May 2022 deadly massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde. The analysis was about whether or not the police officers did anything wrong in their response to the call that day. A former police detective and investigator wrote the report, which found the officers in question committed no wrongdoings that day, infuriating the parents of the slain children. Days later, the police chief himself made an announcement.

What Happened?

On March 12, NBC News reported that Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez announced it was time for him to start a “new chapter in [his] career and step down as chief. He will step down on April 6, and Assistant Police Chief Homer Delgado take his place until they appoint a new one.

Rodriguez said it was an “honor” and a “privilege” to serve the city of Uvalde. The chief said he was proud of the “positive impact” his department has made while he’s been in charge. However, the chief’s announcement didn’t address the report exonerating his officers or the deaths of the 21 innocent people murdered under his watch. While Rodriguez was reportedly on vacation that fateful day, many people in the Uvalde community and elsewhere faulted the officers’ inaction on lack of training.

Instead, the chief focused his announcement on his service to the community over the last 26 years. Mayor Cody Smith shared his gratitude toward Rodriguez for his contribution to protecting and serving the people of Uvalde all these years.

The Shooting

On May 24, 2022, a gunman walked into Robb Elementary School and heartlessly murdered 19 kids and two teachers. While the terrified children and adults waited inside afraid of who would be killed next, the police stood outside for 77 minutes waiting for their tactical gear to arrive. During that time, the officers knew there were terrified victims still alive inside.

After the recent report stated the police followed their training and didn’t do anything wrong, the parents of the murdered kids became enraged. They called city council members and the former police detective “cowards,” and asked them how they live with themselves.

One grieving mom who lost her little boy that day slammed the council for not providing answers, stating they were recently told the report would give that to the parents — it didn’t. Another heartbroken mom, Kimberly Mata-Rubio, balked at the idea that the officers acted “in good faith” the day her daughter was slaughtered. She indicated that the fact there was no fault finding was proof the police were just looking out for their fellow officers, calling it a “brothers’ pact.”

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