Vatican Considers Ordaining Husbands

The Vatican is considering changing one of their oldest rules in order to allow married men who live in remote areas of the Amazon to become ordained priests.

While the amount of men entering priesthood continues to decrease, the Vatican refuses to relinquish rules limiting married men from entering the priesthood. But these rules do cause problems for faith centers in extremely remote areas, potentially leaving Catholic churches without a leader.

The main reason that the Vatican requires priests to be single is that they take a vow of celibacy, which is considered to be a gift for the church. Having families, however, might distract priests from their duties. If the church does follow through and allow married men to become priests in the Amazon, it would only be older men with grown children who are ordained themselves.

Although the Vatican doesn’t have any plans to extend the kindness to other locations, it earmarks a shift in culture not often witnessed in the past. It might be a glimpse into what the future holds for the Catholic church.

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