(Video) John Bolton Actually Defends Trump

(ReliableNews.org) – President Trump has another ally in the latest smear campaign perpetrated against him by Leftist mainstream media radicals.

Former National Security Adviser, John Bolton, joined the growing crowd of Trump administration insiders to dispute anonymous claims lodged against the president on Sept. 3 by The Atlantic. 

Citing anonymous sources, the magazine accused President Trump of disparaging military members in conjunction with a 2018 decision not to attend a service honoring American soldiers killed during WWI.

On Sept. 7, Bolton spoke out on the matter during an exclusive interview with Fox News host Martha MacCallum telling her The Atlantic’s allegations were “simply false.” 


Continuing, Bolton confirmed 2018 White House reports that the visit’s cancellation was due to weather conditions. 

According to the White House, Former chief of staff Gen. John Kelly coordinated with Marine Corp officials and the White House Military Office in deciding to ground Marine One, the president’s helicopter.

It’s a pity that the mainstream media has nothing better to do than “disparage” the President of the United States while cities are burning at the hands of Antifa members aided by Black Lives Matter supporters.

It’s also un-American to attempt to manipulate the outcome of a democratic election by spreading around fake news. 

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