Video Shows Trump Supporters Are Not Responsible For Violence

( – The mainstream media’s obsession with making President Donald Trump and his supporters look bad peaked in the wake of the January 6 protests at the US Capitol building. News organizations tried to make it appear that supporters of the president led the effort to terrorize members of Congress.

However, a couple of viral videos posted online tell a different story.

A man dressed in dark clothing with a Trump sticker on the back of his hat can be seen trying to break out a window in the US Capitol Building in the first clip. A crowd of Trump supporters can be heard in the clip hollering at him to stop, booing, and yelling, “Antifa, Antifa.”

The second clip, shot from a closer angle, shows a man wearing a Make America Great Again hat pulling the man away from the building, preventing him from causing further harm.

As the president said during his January 7 announcement, he doesn’t condone violence, and anyone caught breaking the law at the Capitol Building will suffer the consequences of their actions.

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