Virginia Lawmakers Say No to Gun Ban

Virginia Lawmakers Say No to Gun Ban

( – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam suffered a crushing defeat on Monday. One of the gun control measures he backed failed to garner enough support and failed in a committee vote in the state senate.

The bill would have banned “assault” weapons in the state including AR-15 style rifles. Prior to the vote, Virginia Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran said that the rifles “are not protected” by the Constitution. Lawmakers largely disagreed and the bill failed 10 to 5.

After the results were announced, citizens who were gathered in the committee room cheered.

Gun control activists expressed disappointment in the vote. They vowed to continue fighting to infringe on the Second Amendment, though. President of Brady United Against Gun Violence Kris Brown said, ”While we are disappointed in today’s vote, we are undeterred.”

Meanwhile, communities all over the state are declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and vow to fight unconstitutional gun laws should any of them get past the state senate.

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