Vladimir Putin Cautions Global Stability At Risk

(ReliableNews.org) – COVID-19 is ravaging America and the rest of the world leading to economic stress and global tension. During a recent speech, Russia’s president expressed worry about the potential for conflict.

On January 27, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke by video at a meeting of the World Economic Forum. During his speech, he warned that he believes the growing economic instability and a rise in populism could lead to a “dark anti-Utopia.” According to Putin, many of these problems existed before the pandemic and have only worsened.

Putin warned that a “hot global conflict” could “spin out of control.” He went on to blame the Western economic model for creating “social, racial, and ethnic intolerance” and then named the US as one of the places where that is happening.

The speech came the same day President Joe Biden reportedly confronted his Russian counterpart over a host of issues during their first phone call, including alleged election meddling. Former President Donald Trump was able to keep a larger conflict from erupting between the two nations during his time in office. Sadly, with his steady hand no longer guiding US foreign policy, there’s real concern about what lies ahead.

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