Walgreens Closing Several Stores for Good

Walgreens Closing Several Stores for Good

(ReliableNews.org) – More than a year of riots and looting by Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa members took a heavy toll on American cities and businesses. In response, several cities started defunding police departments, and states began decriminalizing several low-level criminal offenses. Many people and companies are in Democratic-led cities and states where officials took the most significant bite out of law enforcement efforts.

Pharmacy giant Walgreens serves as a perfect example of this response. The company recently announced it’s closing five of its Bay Area locations due to “organized retail crime.” Recent changes to California law removed barriers to petty crime. For instance, the law treats the theft of goods valued at less than $950 as a non-violent misdemeanor.

Bands of shoplifters started targeting companies like Walgreens with previously unimagined frequency due to the small price of getting caught. Walgreens spokesperson Phil Caruso told reporters that several of the company’s San Francisco stores experienced a spike in retail theft in the last few months. In some instances, the increases hit five times the company-wide average for shoplifting.

Caruso explained that Walgreens’ concerns extended beyond the loss of merchandise. According to him, the company increased security measures in San Francisco to “46 times [the chain’s] average” as part of an “effort to provide a safe environment” for employees.

What do you think about states like California decriminalizing petty theft?

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