Wallace Says He Has “Real Problem” With Tech Company’s Censorship of Biden News

(ReliableNews.org) – Fox News host Chris Wallace stepped into the controversy surrounding the censorship of recently disclosed evidence of “smoking gun” Biden emails calling the Democratic presidential hopeful’s loyalty to American interests into question.

Wallace and the Fox News Rundown podcast discussed social media giants Facebook and Twitter’s decision to restrict recent reporting by the New York Post exposing questionable business practices by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.


“I’ve got a real problem with that,” Wallace explained, adding that while he understood the need for caution with potential disinformation floating around, he couldn’t support the extreme position of banning it.

As Wallace pointed out, you can’t put an end to the debate once information is publicly revealed. The idea of hiding information is all too reminiscent of George Orwell’s “Big Brother” from his novel 1984, he added.

Twitter announced policy updates in the wake of the controversy on October 15. However, that may prove to be too little too late. Sen. Ted Cruz (D-TX) announced the Senate Judiciary Committee would vote next week on submitting a subpoena to Twitter to explain its effort to censor reporting on Hunter Biden’s emails.

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